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2 Great Champions For Beginners in League of Legends

MOBA is a very famous genre of video games nowadays. Since the first Dota was released almost a decade ago, they have been known for being addictive and fun, as well getting groups of players in a 40-minute match, while they do their best to succeed and destroy the enemy team.

But one of the most famous MOBAs is, of course, League of Legends. It’s the most played game around the world, and for good reason. So, if you want to play this game but don’t know how to start, or you already play it and want to know what champion you want to use, it’s better for you to stick with our picks.


post5 1 - 2 Great Champions For Beginners in League of Legends
If you enjoy playing the role of a mage, with low health but a lot of damage, you’ll probably love to play mid lane and that’s the position of most mages in the game. Annie is a basic mage that can be really fun to play, especially if you master all the attacks and abilities you can use.

Overall, Annie is perfect for a player that loves to inflict a lot of damage, with a high number of magic attacks, but also plays safe and knows what to do when it surrounded by enemies. A great champion, who really stands out from the other options in the game.


post5 2 - 2 Great Champions For Beginners in League of Legends
Another basic champion in League of Legends, worthy of using, is Garen. While Annie stays in mid lane, Garen is better known for being at the top lane. It’s a great champion with great resistance to attacks, he can take a couple of hits and still go ahead and make outstanding moves.

Garen is the best option for a player who isn’t afraid of taking large amounts of hits and damage, and can also be played strategically to make the perfect human shield for their team, in order to win. Keep in mind that is a little basic, in comparison with other champions, Garen is still an amazing pick.

League of Legends has over 100+ characters available for all players, and while most of them are for advanced players, one of the best ways to finally reach that level, is to learn how to play and get good using the basic champions that the game has to offer for us.

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The 4 Best Connect-4-Type Mobile Games of 2018

The mobile gaming market has grown a lot in recent years, with certain types of games dazzling us with their genius and grandiose ideas (a clear example of this can be Candy Crush Saga). Most of these games connect different types of items, and have a lot in common. Yet some of them have features which set them apart, managing to captivate a large public, to this day.
If you want to be an expert in this type of mobile phone games, you will always find lists with all the games available in the respective stores (Google Play and Apple Store). There you can download each one without any kind of Inconvenience, always with the different features of each game, in mind. Look to find what suits your tastes.
We know these types of game really help with day-to-day required skills. Thus, thoughtful of all it entails, when you wish to download a connect-4-type game either for Android or Apple OS, we put together a little list of the 4 best games you can enjoy, if those are the ones you look for.


post1 1 - The 4 Best Connect-4-Type Mobile Games of 2018

Bejeweled is a game of combining brilliant gems, in groups of three or more, to make them explode and get points. Combine four or more gems to get bonus points, useful for the whole game, also double your score. You have different game modes like Classic or Puzzle, in the counter-clock mode in action. For even more relaxed fun, play for a long time the Zen mode.

Candy Crush Saga

post1 2 - The 4 Best Connect-4-Type Mobile Games of 2018

Join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee in an epic adventure, through a world full of sweets. Change and combine your way through more than 100 levels in this delicious, addictive puzzle adventure. Candy Crush Saga has completely changed the mobile game market, getting excellent reviews. Additionally, it’s one of the most fundraising games in the world. An amazing milestone in the mobile phone gaming industry.

Angry Birds Blast

post1 3 - The 4 Best Connect-4-Type Mobile Games of 2018

The Angry birds are back again, this time in an intriguing, tap-to-match adventure. Pigs have caught the Angry Birds inside colorful balloons and you need to blow up balloons to free them and stop the pigs. A new adventure full of difficult mental challenges, an extremely addictive game with more than 120 levels to enjoy for a long time.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

post1 4 - The 4 Best Connect-4-Type Mobile Games of 2018

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, is a jigsaw puzzle game, in which you align three or more Pokémon, vertically or horizontally to fight wild Pokémon.
You can play casually, but fighting, collecting and leveling up Pokémon can also provide hours of fun.
With a lot of stages and many more levels, it’s a really addictive game that will last as long as you want, its challenges are very exciting and rewarding. There are hundreds of Pokémon to enjoy and play until you’re tired.
With the games on this list, you can enjoy all the various titles available, in the main game’s stores of mobile phones. Play and have fun with these 4 titles and learn all the advantages of playing many of these games that will help you be more intelligent and more agile, in all your da-to-day activities. Learn new techniques and start to be a better player in all facets of life.

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Happy Anniversary – Video Game Edition

These past years have left us with great masterpieces that are truly worth remembering for their amazing graphics, emotionally driven stories and memorable characters that will be hard for us to forget. These games provide us with a great experience, each time we grab our controller and immerse ourselves into these worlds.
But sometimes we don’t realize how old our favorite games are, today since time often flies by for us. So today we are going to celebrate the anniversary of what we consider to be classic masterpieces of video games, as well the fan’s favorites for many in their sagas.

Street fighter 4 – Ten years

post4 1 - Happy Anniversary - Video Game Edition
This classic series made a comeback about ten years ago, making it almost an instant classic of itself, for all the fans of the saga. It was also well received by many players that waited for its release, in the arcades and home consoles. Since Street Fighter 4 was first announced, it caused a great reaction among hardcore fans of the saga, as well as casual players.
Street Fighter 4 was first released in 2009, and ever since then it has left everybody amazed and hooked, wanting more and more. One truly enjoyable installment, with which you can still have hours of fun nowadays, even with online features.

Minecraft – Ten years

post4 2 - Happy Anniversary - Video Game Edition
An instant-classic since it was released, and a game that, even to this day has an enormous number of players that log in each day and play. Minecraft was first released as a beta, back in 2009 by Mojang, and even they didn’t know the sensation it would eventually turn out to be. To this day, Minecraft is still considered one of the most popular games around the world.

Half-Life 2 – Fifteen years

post4 3 - Happy Anniversary - Video Game Edition
The fact that one of the best titles in the world gets a sequel, is amazing. Yet it’s even more amazing thinks the sequel was incredibly better than the first installment. We are talking about Half-Life 2, considered one of the best games in the world. This game fulfilled, and surpassed the expectations of all fans when it was first released in the year 2004.
There’s no doubt that, while these games are more than a decade old, they still feel brand new. They are going to be remembered for years to come, thanks to the great gameplay that they have, as well as the fun element they have to offer for gamers.