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2 Great Champions For Beginners in League of Legends

MOBA is a very famous genre of video games nowadays. Since the first Dota was released almost a decade ago, they have been known for being addictive and fun, as well getting groups of players in a 40-minute match, while they do their best to succeed and destroy the enemy team.

But one of the most famous MOBAs is, of course, League of Legends. It’s the most played game around the world, and for good reason. So, if you want to play this game but don’t know how to start, or you already play it and want to know what champion you want to use, it’s better for you to stick with our picks.


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If you enjoy playing the role of a mage, with low health but a lot of damage, you’ll probably love to play mid lane and that’s the position of most mages in the game. Annie is a basic mage that can be really fun to play, especially if you master all the attacks and abilities you can use.

Overall, Annie is perfect for a player that loves to inflict a lot of damage, with a high number of magic attacks, but also plays safe and knows what to do when it surrounded by enemies. A great champion, who really stands out from the other options in the game.


post5 2 - 2 Great Champions For Beginners in League of Legends
Another basic champion in League of Legends, worthy of using, is Garen. While Annie stays in mid lane, Garen is better known for being at the top lane. It’s a great champion with great resistance to attacks, he can take a couple of hits and still go ahead and make outstanding moves.

Garen is the best option for a player who isn’t afraid of taking large amounts of hits and damage, and can also be played strategically to make the perfect human shield for their team, in order to win. Keep in mind that is a little basic, in comparison with other champions, Garen is still an amazing pick.

League of Legends has over 100+ characters available for all players, and while most of them are for advanced players, one of the best ways to finally reach that level, is to learn how to play and get good using the basic champions that the game has to offer for us.