Top Games to Download Now

If you are currently looking for the best and newest titles of this year and do not know where to get it, Direct Sims has you covered with the best options in video games, the best prices all around the internet and instant access, so you can start playing right away.

Here are the best places where you can find the most affordable offers in the titles that are becoming famous now, as well the classics games that we won’t ever get tired of playing. Direct Sims, is a website that has the mission of bringing the greatest games around and deliver them to any reader that wishes to play something different.


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Steam is considered the most famous video game platform around the world. Since it has a comfortable interface, great multiplayer servers but most of all, games.

The game library in steam is one of the biggest that you’ll ever find around, and has everything from newer releases from the AAA companies, to the most exciting and interesting indie games that are only available for PC. Moreover, it has a great selection of classic titles that you can find great if you enjoy playing retro games.

But the best part of Steam has to be the many offers that the site has to provide. Each weekend, there is a new deal and sometimes they even give away games for a limited period of time, as well as affordable bundles for the ones that like to save a good amount of money within their game budget.


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Another great website to purchase videogames is GOG, but here’s the catch, it only focuses on providing retro video games and titles that are hard to found around. So if you enjoy this kind of games you should go straight up to GOG and get excited with the offers that they have in the best classics around.

GOG has some great discounts from time to time that can be really good for you. Also, this website has interesting bundles that can be great if you are looking for retro video games only.