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The 3 Worst Casino Games to Play

It’s hard to make a list of the “worst” of anything, given how subjective matters can be. Generally speaking, the simpler a game, the more likely it is to be bad for everybody. The games listed here are among the worst of all times, because they have bets with the biggest advantages to the House and are terribly very boring.


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In this game, the casino earns a quarter of every dollar for every bet in the game. The only regulated game that is known to offer less odds than the lottery, something just downright horrible. Keno is not one of the worst casino games because it’s a great money generator for the casino. Additionally, the gameplay is also deadly boring.

Casino War

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Casino War is a boring game. It is based on the old children game we all played, before we knew what poker was. You make a bet, and then the dealer places a card and your card. You win only if your card is higher. Basically, it’s a bit mind numbing and monotone.
The game is bad because it gives the house a great advantage, plus it is just too fast to even be considered entertaining, let alone interesting or even profitable. There are other bad features on this game, but these are just the most outstandingly horrible.

Sic Bo

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Sic Bo is one of the favorite betting games in Macau, and other parts of the game scene in Asia. However, it is available here in the US. All of the great casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City are home to at least one table.
Yet it’s one of the worst games in the casino. And it is usually giving advantages too high for the house, totally taking away from other features of the game that are more favorable for the player. This is just an unfair game, one of the very worse.
This would be a list of the many, that there are about the worst games of all the casinos. You should avoid them, given they will generate losses, surely leaving you very frustrated, as you never really get to win. So, look for better games and have fun at the casinos.

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