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If you want to be updated with the multiple video games that are yet to come, or the new titles announced from the big AAA companies, then visit us. It’s better for you to keep informed with the best portals and Direct Sims is a reliable source of information in this area, there are also a lot of interesting websites to give a look around.

We know there are a lot of video game websites, even though some of them doesn’t have the same accurate information, but the best videogame portals deserve the recognition from the passionate gamers that enjoy reading all about the games to come. That’s why we are going to tell you about some great sources of information when it comes to everything related to this world.


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When we talk about reliable sources of information in anything related to video games, IGN is one of the names that pops in the mind of each gamer. It is considered as a great portal with good coverage in the new titles and it also provides us with exclusive interviews and news regarding the games yet to come.

IGN is known for rating the new video games in the market, giving a professional opinion to anyone that wishes to try the game but don’t know how good it is. While they are recognized for being accurate most of the time, the way that they review the titles have caused some discussion between gamers.


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If what you are looking to follow the best programmers, and gaming studios, as well as new information and interesting articles regarding the gaming community and studios, Kotaku is definitely the best source for you in this case.

This website has amazing interviews with game creators, as well as engaging content that would let you thinking about the future of the gaming industry. Kotaku is definitely one of the most incredible spaces with great coverage in what it is the gaming world, not to mention that the articles are incredible since they talk about great facts of our favorite games.


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Another great website that focuses on reviews of all kinds of video games for each platform. It has a great way to inform about the titles and their development. Metacritic is known for being really accurate with their rating and opinions in their titles, and since they are also focused on giving a review as quickly as they can, they deliver great content in no time. That’s why a lot of gamers prefer Metacritic to evaluate their games over any other game portal.